Friday, April 4, 2008

How can we drive this plane? Tips? Do you agree with my suggestion?

Hello strategists,

Before continuing with some great topics, I would like to thank the people responsible for this blog. Mr Joep Thijssen. He has 50% of the responsibility for the existence of this blog. My direct connections in linkedin are 263. I am a beginner… I named one, but I will name everyone involved in the process of creating a new vision in management issues approach. I am trying to finish a document… I don’t know when… I have a tough work to do… I need the best people linkedIn. Each post of you will be one of mine/yours newest assets and I will criticise them like I want your best critics one mines.

Thanks SKI for this first Post. I would like to visit you one day…

But I want to congratulate all the people that got in touch with me somehow. Those must understand that for me you are considered my teachers. In this blog we will write freely… Until I get a job...:) I want to learn for the best thinker strategists in the world. That’s my 1º step to build a trusted group of thinkers that can transfer powerful information. My goal is to set up a team with the same needs. Those needs will be driven or not… in a specific direction. Let’s find if this is possible…

In these firsts' posts, I would like to have an introduction from each of you and your vision about how companies are managed, in a general assumption. Is difficult but if you agree we can start with the best 150 companies ranked world wide.

Remember this: I am Portuguese. Mistakes are my best words to communicate. Feel free to teach me a correct usage of the language that reaches the world.

Welcome again and share your experience with us.



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