Sunday, April 13, 2008

Where any theory meets any practice!

Hello strategists, my name is Ricardo Andorinho and I have my own strategy…My life is like a company that needs to be managed. I am co-author of this blog and I consider it as an extension of my life: the need of learning each day… I am inviting some friends (not real friends, because I didn’t meet them personally) but strategy friends and doers. This blog is a step forward in a recruitment process to achieve some goals in the future. Here, information flows freely.

We read great books and great authors. There are thousands of great business information sources. I want to thanks Juan for his help and good advice concerning readings. If we didn't enjoy reading it would be impossible to know which kind of strategy is followed by the best world companies.

In this post I would like to prove… I don’t know if I can… some kind of theory… Everything we do in our life’s has a theory that supports it.

Think with me, please:

1. To set up or build something (ex: a pair of shoes), there was someone in the past that theorized about the need of having a feet protection.

2. To put some theory in practice you just need to get social, economic or political influence - or all of them. Of course you need a powerful idea. But at the end, Marketing, sales force, image, psychological techniques are working to create the need to buy that theory. This is true in business, in science, in healthcare, in wars… we are always talking about money because is the only common variable of each investment.

3. The theory meets practice each time a few barriers are broken. The majority of them, if not all, are the sum of money involved in the process that dictates the position of the barrier, or even his existence.

So, I think that a lot of people are saying in the street: “Well in theory that’s correct, but in the practical area…” Practice is about implementing a theory. If we have a specific role inside our company, that’s because someone thinks that’s the best way to work inside that specific company. The CEO of this company is putting his strategic theory into the practical field. This company can be managed by his own board strategic perspective or can be managed by other's theories… I am talking about closed strategic packages (hiring consultants to deliver strategy), and an enormous amount of strategic software products that are supposed to be a tool to implement a way to “drive other’s car”... I like so much Lego Serious Play… Is the only product I know that doesn’t sell strategy in a closed package. They help to build strategy inside the company through attitudes and behaviours. I never played but I would like to.

Do you agree with me? Or you think this is just another kind of theory?


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