Saturday, May 2, 2009

The vision behind the scenes

Hello TSN,

We would like to share these strategical views that have impacted our society and were recognized as success for a huge number of people.

We think everyone knows Eric Schmidt, however we are not so sure that everyone saw this interview... The vision was here... Much before Google... He is just one of the men.

We don't know the future of Google as we don't know the future of anything... The future is uncertain. There's a lot of information about Google's future, however we prefer to lock the keys that allowed the Google culture that we know today.

Another example we would like to share is Rolling Stones. Do you know them? Well, may be you didn't see this:

Well, we think leadership is on both example as it is on thousands of others.
Thanks to them we are able to study each strategy behind the scenes.
Every leader makes his vision so strong that influences not just the ones that follow them without significant effort.

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