Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Power of One

Dear readers,

I am now confident in addressing this article, talking about ILearning Global.TV.

I joined ILearning Global 8 months ago as a marketer and till today I was shy in my attempt of communicating the platform. I was afraid of being miss understood about the venue of the system and about the capabilities that we offer inside. This days are over and I would like to share my experience with you.

Before everything in my life, I consider myself a continuous student, and I deeply believe that just continuous learning can give you the preparation needed to compete in each market we are into. As I tried to prepare myself in the sports field, I believe that I need to do the same in my current professional life: MBUintelligence

The day I join ILG I didn't imagine what we were talking about. I joined because I research every material available over the web and I was very curious about it. I wanted to see the other side. I joined even before the access was available outside US. Today everyone around the world can join.

ILG is nowadays the web platform that incorporates more content on management education. The members of the faculty are people that worked or still work for one the best 500 companies in the world.

I am telling you this story because, when I started MBUintelligence I felt that I was missing my agenda on the time I had available for self-study. I need to study almost everyday.

Today ILearning Global allows me to have access to a knowledge that would be impossible for me to incorporate if I was doing my research by my own. So I strongly recommend that if you see continuous learning the way I see, please research over these links.

The tittle of this article is the power of one. Brian Tracy coached more than 2 million people over his life... Google was created by Page and Brin... Einstein was not an university. And I strongly believe that are people in today's world more brilliant than Einstein. Why? Because technology is allowing human brain to go faster. Do you agree?

Here you have some free resources to see how easy it is the interface usage:
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