Thursday, August 6, 2009

Where did I put my keys?

And I search and search and finally find them.

It's every time the same. We need to use our keys to unlock certain things in our life's. And when we need it we can't find them. Or not few times we aren't able to identify those keys that allows us go through our needs and goals.

There are great human beings on this planet. But the opposite is also true.
There are great professionals on this planet. But the opposite is also true.
There is a small number of great sources of information available and a huge number of bad ones. The answer is easy to understand: Money.

How can we deal with this in a beneficial way?

Every individual possess his own keys to succeed in life. What has worked for someone may not work with another. That's the human nature. The good news is that everyone can learn everything they really want to. Depends on him/her.

I don't really like the word success because it is too difficult to measure and depends on subjective judgements. I prefer to talk about a different approach that is responsible for you to experience some success. Are you happy? Doing what you do. Is your effort recognized by you, your boss and your family? Are you really happy? If not, at least professionally, change.

Success will be always the consequence of doing something right. I don't really know to describe success using a different group of words.

It's much more important to look inside for something that you would love to do as a professional than trying to find what others did to excel. This approach may not work with you, regardless the importance it has for helping us in drawing a better way of doing it.

Until today my keys are these:

-Realize that YOU can’t know about everything in this life. It is just impossible-

1. Realize that half of the planet knows more than YOU around your core skills.

2. Learn how to improve your skills by focusing on the strengths of the people you meet during your life, personally and professionally. And practice every day.

3. Learn how to be flexible. If YOU are not able to change, YOU can’t launch any new projects. YOU will learn how to change, if YOU practice receptiveness. Receptiveness is the need YOU should have to understand the point of view of others. And practice every day.

4. Learn how to integrate others strengths into your way of seeing the exact same problems. Integrate rational and logical thinking processes and ignore superficial issues. And practice every day.

5. Apply what YOU learned in the previous points and measure the results (good or bad). Practice every day, focusing on the good and don’t forget to excel in the bad. And practice every day.

6. Help others and involve them in your decisions. YOU will get more knowledge. This will give YOU real oriented knowledge to implement in real life. Forget the theories. Life is a practical field. Practice every day with someone.

7. Study and Teach. It will make a life that can be really interesting. Your body will die one day but YOU may remain in the mind of millions.

This is a personal perspective and it is a small part of the book I am writing.
My best regards,
Ricardo Andorinho

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Jeff SKI Kinsey said...

Good stuff. Thanks for sharing.