Sunday, October 18, 2009

Creative Learning

Dear all,

It was a 2 day exciting event held in Lisbon about creative learning.

A great orgnization, rulled by the way human kind is able of integrating knowledge throught different kind of supports and driven by circumstances.

Informal learning is getting advantage in a digital era.

Antonio Nunez opened a great number of conferences and speaches.

George Siemens described the concept of Connectivism and showed us the importance of Network

The conference did cover a wide number of tools and aspects that might accelerate how we learn. Several projects using Moodle and Second Life were presented during the event.

It's our choice! We need to identify the tools that serve out best interest. We cannot run from what is happening around us! What I think we might agree is that our old school is loosing efficiency for each second consumed in our life time.

Best regards,
Ricardo Andorinho

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