Sunday, February 21, 2010

Part of the introduction – Strategy Execution Heroes

Superman on a ‘Strategy Rescue’ mission

Superman, otherwise known as Clark Kent, flies into the Magnatexx office.

Instead of his usual red cape, he has decided to wear his three-piece grey pinstriped Armani suit. “It just seems more appropriate” he had thought while getting ready that morning.

Superman is reacting to a ‘failing strategy’ distress call from 53-year-old Mike, CEO of Magnatexx, a large pharmaceutical company. It was the 267th call he had received in the two weeks since starting his new sideline – the ‘strategy rescue’ programme.

When he arrives at Magnatexx, Superman immediately identifies the execution issues and takes over the role of all managers. In no time at all, Magnatexx obtains the desired competitive advantage and performance starts to peak. And everyone lives happily ever after.

This story seems too good to be true. And it is.

But you don’t have to be able to fly like Superman, scale walls like Batman or become green and super strong like the Incredible Hulk to turn a great strategy into great performance.

You need performance-driven managers who master Strategy Execution.

Strategy Execution is no longer ‘the gap nobody knows’, the title of the first chapter of the best-seller Execution. Thanks to the authors Bossidy and Charan, Strategy Execution pioneers Kaplan and Norton, several leading articles in respected business magazines such as The Harvard Business Review and a host of research, organisations have become very aware that much great strategy is lost before it’s turned into performance mainly as a result of poor execution skills.

The performance gap is known. And it’s time for companies to close it.

This book will help you get the job done. Strategy Execution Heroes will help you to:

1. Approach Strategy Execution from a manager’s perspective.

2. Align individual and organisational performance in a simple, easy-to-communicate, sexy Strategy Execution framework.

3. Communicate your strategy effectively.

4. Set great objectives for yourself and your team members.

5. Coach others through the implementation maze.

6. Simplify your Strategy Execution process.

7. Select, manage and deliver your strategic initiatives.

8. Set up a development platform to boost the execution skills of others in the organisation.

9. Turn Strategy Execution into a competitive advantage.

In short, this book will help you get the execution job done. But don’t expect complex theories or fancy words. Strategy Execution Heroes gets right to the point and won’t waste your time. It will:

­ Boost your learning with more than 250 practical tips.

­ Put your action plan on the right track with 27 downloads with supporting material.

­ Inspire your actions with stories from best-in-class companies like BT, Coca-Cola, Lockheed Martin, eBay and many others.

So whether you are a future manager preparing for the challenge, a field manager or an experienced senior executive, get ready to boost your execution skills. Become a Strategy Execution hero and turn your great strategy into great performance.

Strategy Execution Heroes

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