Monday, February 21, 2011

Bunnies & Duracell Batteries

Bunnies & Duracell Batteries

By Ricardo Andorinho

An astrological crisis is installed since it was reported that Ophiuchus would become the 13th zodiacal sign, pushing all the other signs a month forward.

On this side of the planet, this discussion has a lighter weight since until now, nobody has pointed out the existence of a thirteenth animal sign in the Chinese horoscope. Consequently, we are about to leave the ferocious Year of Tiger and enter into the “mild-mannered” Year of the Rabbit.

During this festive season you should expect to see rabbits, bunnies and fluffy tails everywhere you go and, at night time, while you have a drink, you may also watch them on their hutch at Sands Macao.

The rabbit, bunny or hare are similar creatures which essence derives from the Moon. Being the icon of longevity they have been the chosen animal to represent and promote Duracell brand batteries.

As you may recall, the commercial advertisements of Duracell present several pink rabbits and the “Duracell Bunny” also known as the “Energizer Bunny”. This fluffy fellow is powered by a Duracell battery that allows him to win all races or games against his pink rabbit opponents powered by rival batteries. The point of the advertisement is that the bunny powered by a Duracell battery can continue functioning for a longer amount of time before its battery runs down.

However, and since these little creatures also symbolize graciousness, good manners, sound counsel, kindness, and having a huge sensitivity to beauty they have also been selected to be Playboy´s fantasy archetype.

According to the experts in Chinese Astrology, in each and every rabbit individual there is a strong will and a great self-assurance. They believe in their own ability to survive, relying on their judgment, which makes them at peace with themselves.

They might appear slow or over deliberate at times, but this is most likely due to their sense of caution and discretion. They never use harsh words or vulgarisms, which make them having their credentials flawless.

They jump any obstacles that come into their paths and recover from catastrophes with extraordinary resilience. No matter how the rabbit is tossed he always land on its feet and that is probably why in cartoons, Bugs Bunny always gets his carrots!

So, to benefit from this rabbit wisdom here are some tricks to get your carrots:

  1. Admit your mistakes and quit trying to cover them up;
  2. Stop blaming other people;
  3. Return everything you ever borrowed;
  4. Give things away to people less fortune than you;
  5. Be kind to the unkind people in your life;
  6. Wherever you go, always show up on time;
  7. Be positive and speak in the positive language;

We strongly believe that in the long run, those small actions will unlock your potential, making you live a happier, bunny kind, inspired and longer life.

Life is nothing more than a daily race or fight. So, please make sure your batteries are Duracell and that you will take the batteries charger everywhere you go…

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