Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Shift happens

(I received this message from one of my great network connections! thanks David)

In the last twenty years, I’ve been privileged to witness a shift in individuals, on teams and within many organizations. A move from struggle to strength, from what’s wrong to what’s right, from doing what’s next to doing what matters.

What I’ve learned over the years is that happy, healthy, productive people (and companies) focus on some very specific actions every day (eight, to be exact) that keep them sharp, balanced and full of energy. They connect their endeavors – at work and at home – to the principles that are most important to them; and then things change.

In my forthcoming book, The 8 – Basic Elements to Greater Happiness, Health & Productivity, I share the stories of these enlightened individuals and the companies they love to work for. People who discover their grand ambitions and then start everything they do each day with passion and positive energy. Individuals and teams that focus on their strengths and avoid dwelling on their limitations.

As an executive and organizational coach, I’ve discovered that there really is no secret and we won’t find a cure; the answers are within us. To be fit and fulfilled it’s important that we share our expectations with those around us and avoid unhealthy communication patterns. It’s essential to bring our whole selves into the actions we perform everyday and live the values that drive us at every turn. We should recognize our interactions with people as opportunities to connect with another human being and learn from those relationships – even the most challenging ones. To recapture our joy, we should spend less time investing our emotions into where we fall short and more energy into the victories we’ve accomplished – even the tiniest ones. And as we do all of these things, we must be ever mindful of how and with whom we can pass our life’s lessons along and help someone else achieve their greatness.

We must live the 8.

In less than three weeks, to coincide with my book’s release on March 21st, we’re set to launch our new site at livethe8 . There you’ll be able to read a sample chapter from The 8, learn more about our Personal and Professional Development Kit to use with work teams, and enjoy our complimentary online assessment, a five-minute survey called The Happiness Index™. Be sure and visit livethe8 on March 21st!

Meanwhile, to learn more about The 8 and discover how this message might resonate with you and the people you work with, I invite you to turn up the volume on your computer and click on the link below. Enjoy this little four-minute movie and start today right...right now.




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Look for David’s NEW book:
The 8 – Basic Elements to Greater Happiness, Health & Productivity
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Do what matters.™

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