Sunday, March 30, 2008

Welcome strategists...

This blog has several goals:
Personal goals:
  1. Acquire knowledge from each post, discuss the best practices in business strategy. Our aim is to focus our attention in the best resources available in the world.
  2. Get critical mass and knowledge oriented to create constant and accurate procedures to draw the future of management. Time is of the essence to invest in the future, and our only resource. A lot of specialists are managing the past. I don't know indeed how management gurus are managed: Are they writers or sellers of their own ideas, they serve Big 5 industry or they just simple love business. Well I don't believe that Mr. Alan Greenspan is the best manager or consultant in the world... But he will receive loads of money for his past... Strategy is drawing a direction to something. We just need to find the best way to oblige the train to reach that especific point. We learn not only from the recognized gurus, but also learn from every old man, perhaps seated beside you in a plane, trying to explain you something... I believe that every circumstance, every person who by chance cross your life in some point can powerfully change your way of seeing life... You have your vision, I have mine, but tomorrow, I will have a different vision characterized by the knowledge I have acquired from your perspective. If we could align our thoughts, we would be prepared to manage the world.
General goals:
  1. Create a blog, not a social network (we love some of the existing ones). I can't do better...
  2. Find and get the most interested managers through linkedin in this field (Strategy).
  3. From an IBM report we can read: Ideas worth spread, or getting ideas on the table. We really believe that is the only way to improve our skills. Give your knowledge free of charge. Did I reach you, do you understand clearly what is my position?
Actually, I am trying to find a job - 30/03/2008, and I am engaged in several recruitment processes. Let's see if I can manage my brain to continue developing my thoughts without interferences...

Here you can find some powerful resources and talk with real experts in business strategy. LinkedIn makes us the most powerful knowledge source I ever read or learned! I get stunned everyday! And I am the second happiest man on earth. First one is a friend of mine whose name is Antxon Arza.

Ricardo Andorinho
Revised by Rita Andorinho

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