Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The beggining of Strategy

In this post I would like to have your thoughts about why we need to set up a strategy for our company.

Who really have the need of a global strategy? Remember Firm’s theory? Is Stock market the driver of the need? Maybe it is just the managers need of produce a great strategic plan? Or even the politic pressure made by stockholders to set up a new way of driving performance?

Everyone wants the same: Earning money, but not all the businesses in the world are about that… I suppose… Maybe I am just wrong. I think this point is one of the variables that are decisive in the negotiation process of hiring or establishing a new strategy for your company… What do you think?

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Joep said...

The main interest of the people that own the firm (Stockholders. CEO's, privately held firms e.o.) is to keep their investment profitable, taxfriendly or at least consistent.

Next to them the employees, suppliers, contractors, customers and oftenly society are the ones that also benifit.

The people that need a strategy are therefore the people which can identify with it.

From my point of view a global firmstrategy should involve all parties and should be used as a marketing instrument throughout a company-slogan or oneliner.

Just look at the Topranking firms which already used this identifiable instrument to spread a global strategy. ("The pause that refreshes" (Coca-Cola), "Just do it "(Nike))

Then it's your task to convince the decisionmakers of your company !