Thursday, October 2, 2008

Core Evidence

Dear strategists,

When I have to face a complex problem, that doesn't presents a clear solution, I try to focus on the CORE EVIDENCE. Core evidence is the key that unlocks a given system. Usually is very simple of identifying, however, if I am dealing with complexity my analysis may carry out some obstacles. 

Why is this so important? Because to understand the cause of a given problem I need to focus on the critical aspects that involves that particular situation. This way I can lock what is top priority for the system to work, and what is not. Just by doing this exercise, I can find many times that the problem borns outside the process that gives the alarm. Other times it is a consequence of integrating complexity in a non-programed and educated basis.

Everything affects organizational performance. Everything counts. Everymove can influence your venue.

Management thinkers are already focus on people, which is the only driver of change inside an organization. However, the number of managers that are studying people and how they work together is insignificant. Everyone is preocupied about innovation and doesn't understand that Innovation does not exists. What exists is innovators. If you can drive innovators to produce an output in your company everyone can call it Innovative. Innovation doesn't come in a package. Is already inside the people that works with you. You just need to find it and to it give the sufficient room to prosper.

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