Monday, June 29, 2009

Melanie Jordan

I met Melanie Jordan through a trusty (at least in my opinion) vehícle: internet.
It would be easier for me to write her link here and let the reader search for further information about the work of someone that really cares about us. Helping everyone to understand the principals of Infopreneurism.

I actually prefer to address these words in an attempt to drive you through this way of earning knowledge and in consequence Money.

What You Know Is Worth more Than You Know™ allows you to discover a new way of sharing expertise regarding each one's activity. It’s a powerful approach that excels your counciousness misspelings about the impact you might have on others (your followers). The ones that seek that specific information, on the Web or in real life.

Seth Godin is telling us that we are living in a tribus modus. I agree. We are organizing our lives and technology misspellings. Finding leaders and followers is becoming an everyday task. This is where the markets currently are: inside your network. This is the market that trusts you. Other martkets a re difficult to conquer and require financial and marketing efforts substancially more expensive.

Melanie main sources of knowledge:
The Podcast
What you Know is worth more
Melanie on Facebook
Melanie on Linkedin

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Melanie Jordan said...


This is a very insightful, thoughtful piece. Nice job (and I'm not just saying that because it mentions me :)

To be in the same blog post as Seth Godin--a marketing expert I admire, is awesome!