Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cristiano Ronaldo, Team Building and Results

Hello Top Strategists,

I am really surprised... 90,000 people in and outside a soccer stadium to present the new Portuguese player that was hired for Real Madrid, Spain. In this event he was not playing, just being presented.

I am a proudly Portuguese citizen that met Cristiano in the year 98, maybe 99, when we were both playing for Sporting in Lisbon. I must say that he is one of the best competitors I ever met. Their team mates were loosing with him in everything, not just in soccer. I played with him table tennis, and... I lost. And I was practicing with professional players almost everyday... Or I was really bad. That can be true too... He prepares himself to compete like few others. You can judge him in every field you want but I saw him practicing, and his focus on his professional goals is something to be commented. However the goal of this post is not running away from my field (Business Strategy and Organizational Development).

My question is:
  • Do you agree that Media, as well as the sport industry is giving more importance to individual performance than team (brand) performance?
The result is that one team mate, without playing for this club, alone is able to bring 90,000 supporters to the stadium. I am not sure of what I say but I believe that last season the whole team of Real Madrid didn't had in every match they played in Santiago Barnabéu 80,000 supporters (the full capacity). In this specific case Cristiano Ronaldo won alone (in number of supporters) against Real Madrid, and without playing. And I don't really know if this is good or really bad in Real Madrid team building process. It's not my problem too, which is good.

I could talk about this issue several hours, however I can't loose focus and I don't want to be miss understood.

  • Is it possible to build a Team to produce results when some members without producing any result for that company, are seen as "Gods" while others are "Nobody"? (I am being here too extremist, however today's leaders are facing these scenarios.)

Please feed us back about this article.
Best regards,
Ricardo Andorinho

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