Thursday, June 10, 2010


By Ricardo Andorinho*

Most of us have enormous difficulties discussing our Goals; to know what we actually want, what we have been doing lately to achieve it, or simply why we haven´t been working consistently towards a particular goal, are questions or sometimes answers that we all find hard to elaborate on.

When character is defined as the ability to carry out decisions after the emotion of making such decisions has past, lack of character or personality “issues” shall be seen as the most common boundaries to achieve goals.

Attitude determining your altitude or character enabling your dreams, are both contemplations that personal growth need to be made through an inside-out perspective.

So, before starting collecting private victories, you need to know where you are and what are your strengths and your weaknesses. Then, you can strategically align skills, knowledge and desire to fight particular battles and/or achieve particular goals.

Adapted from Don Hutson (a recognized American speaker and author) we present you below a “map” for your inner personal quest. This map or self assessment exercise takes about 5 to 10 minutes of your time. So, how does this “map” works?

1. Give a mark on your performance in each of the areas identified on the diagram (lowest 0, highest 10);

2. Then, imagine where you would like to be in each of the areas identified;

3. Write, in a blank piece of paper, at least 3 personal goals related with each of the areas identified;

4. Think on what is holding you back;

5. Write a plan to achieve each of your goals;

6. Prioritize your goals;

7. Work consistently towards your goals;

It´s a fact, that once we identify our desires, goals, dreams and battles to fight being conscious and responsible for our own acts, we become independent!

As you will start winning fights, getting the incredible taste of success and celebrating your private victories you will start witnessing a permanent, dramatic and positive change in your life!

Independence is not supreme, but it is definitely a major achievement, and the beginning of almost everyone's journey of personal growth. So, go on, start developing your own character from inside and we assure you that soon enough your results will be out there!

* Business Developer | MB Intelligence Consultancy Limited (“MBi”)


Anonymous said...

Do this exercise of planning and harmonization of steps and goals does not seem difficult. Putting it into practice to achieve a final goal, it is also possible as expected. However and mainly in some identified areas on the diagram as ‘career’ and/or ‘community’, (maybe some others) we must consider issues as the human relationships and the background noises they usually do. In this stage we have to be prepared not only for fight particular battles, but rather times for to be a soldier in a real war when all the interests around us are mixed and confused. I'm not talking about anything that could prevent or stop the process, but I'm reminding myself of things that certainly delay the completion of the various stages of the process.
I really enjoyed reading this precious piece of "How to Do" since I often feel very hard to plan or to list some of the aspects pointed out in this article. Sometimes it is to reach the intangible or become the abstract into the concrete. However that is how life is most of the time, isn't it?.
Thanks for this writing and congratulations on your interesting and extremely useful work.

Graça C. Santos

MBUintelligence said...

Thanks Graça!