Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mission: Impossible!?

By Ricardo Andorinho

With so many activities and roles to play in life, we repeatedly have the impression of needing a full week to accomplish the actions we have scheduled for just the next 24 hours!

Such an impression is probably one of the reasons for the success of the “Mission: Impossible” sequel as it continues to bring millions of people to the theatres. The plot, the gorgeous actor playing the spy and the stunning actresses that spice up the pace of the movie, are definitely “good ingredients”, but the major determinant is, in our opinion, the title of the sequel and the curiosity, enthusiasm and respect that such title brings to its audience.

Don´t you want to find out what the next “Mission: Impossible” is? Or, even how the double agent accomplished such an impossible mission? Well, do you remember his sophisticated plans? What about the resources involved?

With so many ingredients in this sequel, you will probably forget the “plans” and the “processes” shown in each movie sequel, but they are in fact, a huge part of its success!

We repeatedly feel that we are living impossible missions because most of us try to play too many different roles at the same time. A wife or a husband, a dad or a mom, a daughter or a son, a student or an employee, a member of a particular club or association, a resident or a non resident and definitely a tax payer are just common roles that concern us all!

Whether we think of our lives as segments (physical, education, financial, work, family, friends, community, etc) or as a particular role or function, there are just some days that we feel close to having a nervous breakdown!

The good news is that 65 percent of stress comes from the lack of planning and setting goals.

Then, what are you waiting for!? Get your planner out of the draw and start filling your time with activities. Time is nothing more than a space we can fill with activities!

Now, if we start discussing how to balance your time with your activities, being able to contemplate all your roles, that´s a totally different issue! Such task requires practice! However, you can use some of the below tips:

1. Identify a SWAT Team, where SWAT stands for “Special backup people who fill in at Home”;

2. Identify time wasting activities and remove them from your work day;

3. Take control over technology; As someone once said, “You don´t have to be on 24 hour call as long as you return your calls within 24 hours!”

4. Schedule what you might schedule;

5. And then, just give undivided attention to each task;

There are four distinct types of time: focus time, flex time, free time and family & friends time! Based on such perception, make use of a planner and reserve some “time chunks” for each one of the roles or activities you have in mind! You will be amazed at the results you will get once you introduce this simple habit into your life! Your stress levels will drop 65 percent and you might even be able to stand up and say:

Mission: Accomplished!

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